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Veneers & Bleaching

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How much compensation for teeth whitening
How much compensation for teeth whitening

Veneers & Teeth Whitening

People choose to have veneers and other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or bleaching for a number of reasons and the treatments have grown increasingly popular in recent years. A veneer is a thin porcelain layer which is assembled to fit across one or all of the teeth, much in the same way as a false finger nail is fitted over a nail. The results can be very impressive indeed and these kinds of treatments are carried out successfully every day by extremely skilled dentists.

Regrettably, however as with many other dental procedures things can and do go wrong in fitting veneers and should they do so, patients can be in a great deal of pain. Due to veneers being so thin, dentists need to undertake a small preparation of the tooth before fitting it into place and should this be carried out incorrectly there is a significant risk that problems could develop. In the most extreme cases, patients can develop painful infections as a result of poorly-fitted veneers.

At Clear Law we have extensive experience in helping victims of dental negligence recover compensation for their suffering, which can help to fund the costs of additional treatment that would not have been needed had the procedure been carried out correctly. Contact our experienced team by calling 0800 999 1875 or contact us online.

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