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Bridge Work

Have a complaint about a dentist? You may well be able to claim
Claim for unnecessary dental work
Claim for unnecessary dental work

Bridge Work

A more traditional and established alternative to implants, dental bridges have been used for several years to secure a false tooth in the mouth. People choose to get dental bridges for cosmetic and practical reasons, as sometimes having a missing tooth can put significant strain on the teeth surrounding it, leading to a greater risk of damage.

Unfortunately, not all patients are able to have bridge work and a patient’s suitability is dependent upon the gums and teeth surrounding the gap. If this isn’t properly assessed or explained, you may end up wasting thousands of pounds and go through unnecessary and painful dental work. Your dentist has a duty to explain all of the above to you and assess your individual suitability for bridge work. Should they fail in their duty to do this, you may be entitled to make a claim for dental negligence compensation.

At Clear Law we have helped many victims of dental negligence compensation with a wide range of dental issues and the compensation recovered will often be used to pay for additional treatment needed as result of the dentist’s negligence. Contact our experienced team today either via our website here on by calling 0800 999 1875.

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