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Compensation for Cosmetic Surgery

Have you suffered after a botched cosmetic procedure?
Compensation for botched cosmetic surgery
Compensation for botched cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation

We generally have high expectations of private cosmetic surgeries, particularly given the costs involved in cosmetic procedures and the way that many clinics market themselves. Many of our clients pay thousands of pounds to cosmetic surgeons to correct birth defects, to remove excess skin after weight loss or to have reconstructive surgery after an accident or cancer. However, what happens if you are left horrifically scarred or left needing more care following an infection?

We understand that this is a distressing time and that your surgery may not only have left you with physical scars, but emotion ones too. This is why our solicitors provide a free and confidential support line for victims of cosmetic negligence. If you, or someone you know is a victim of ‘botched cosmetic surgery‘ then call our advice line free, 0800 999 1875 or request a free call back when its convenient for you.


How are they negligent?

Unfortunately many people suffer from complications as a result of a surgical procedure. Whilst there are many reasons why complications may arise, they can often be avoided if a reasonable standard of care is provided. Complications include developing infections following surgery, nerve damage following an operation or poor surgical after-care. If you feel that the hospital or clinic where your surgery took place did not provide you with a reasonable standard of care, or your surgeon did not carry out their duty of care, speak to our negligence team. We will be able to tell you whether you have a claim for compensation.

We have a highly professional, determined and experienced team who deal with every aspect of cosmetic surgery negligence. This includes:

Cosmetic or plastic surgeons have a duty of care with regards to your overall health and expectations and it is important that you provide your surgeon with thorough information on your health before undergoing any cosmetic plastic surgery treatment. If you are not asked, or are unable to provide this information, problems may occur. If you don’t feel comfortable with your surgery after the operation has taken place, or the treatment was not as you expected it would be, you need to be able to ask questions and, in some cases, seek further care.

If you need help, speak to one of our cosmetic surgery experts. You can request a free call back and one of our team will call you back to speak to you about how you can make a claim for compensation. We can assist you in dealing with complaints, seeking answers or making a claim on your behalf. We have a professional team working on many types of cosmetic surgery cases that have fallen beneath the standards you would expect. These range from all of types of breast augmentation procedures (including PIPs), tummy/stomach tucks, liposuction and nose reshaping procedures to mention just a few. Whatever your concern, we’ll work with you and guide you through the entire legal process. If you have suffered as a result of mistakes made by your surgeon or consultant during your procedure, you may be entitled to make a claim for surgical negligence compensation. Call our medical negligence team on 0800 999 1875 for jargon free, friendly legal advice.

Am I a victim of surgical negligence?

Our team of medical negligence specialists have helped hundreds of people make a claim for compensation after surgical mistakes. Your first step is to call our surgical negligence team free on 0800 999 1875 or ask for a free call back and we will call you back at a time convenient for you. Our friendly team are experienced in providing friendly and confidential support to victims and will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Our team of experienced medical negligence solicitors will then pursue the case on your behalf, directing you through the legal process, listening to you and guiding you through every aspect of your claim. We will leave no stone unturned when looking at your case, exploring every aspect of the surgery and after-care you received to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Once we accept the case we will, with your authority, obtain copies of all of the surgery records and medical files relating to your procedure to allow us to start our research and will thereafter consider further detailed instructions from you regarding our findings. We will then proceed to obtain expert medical evidence on your behalf to consider the legalities with regards to your claim.

What can I do next?

If you, a friend or a family member have suffered from a surgical mistake or negligence then give our friendly team a call. We can help you to begin your claim and arrange for you to speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor; free and with no upfront fees. To find out more about our no upfront fee service, read our funding your case page.

Claiming For Medical Negligence Compensation

No Obligation Help

If you are unsure if you have a claim for negligent medical treatment? Call our team for free, no obligation advice on making a claim for compensation. Stop it from happening to someone else and claim compensation for your unnecessary suffering, Call 24/7 0800 999 1875.

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