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Compensation for Rhinoplasty

Have you suffered after your Rhinoplasty?
Compensation for botched Rhinoplasty
Compensation for botched Rhinoplasty

Making a Rhinoplasty Surgery Claim

Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a ‘nose job’ is one of the oldest cosmetic surgery procedures designed to reshape the nose. Although Rhinoplasty is usually thought of as a purely cosmetic procedure, it can also be used to cure sinus or breathing problems. We understand that this procedure carries some reasonable risks, however if you have been left scarred, disfigured or needing further corrective surgery then you may be eligible to compensation from the clinic, hospital or surgeon who carried out the procedure. Call 0800 122 3036 to find learn about what your options are and how you can make a No Win No Fee Claim for compensation.

People opt for a Rhinoplasty for all sorts of different reasons. We generally have high expectations of the final results we’d get, especially given the way that many surgeons market themselves. When clients go to these clinics, they sometimes look more like 5 star spas rather than a hospital giving them the false impression that they’d receive excellent care from their cosmetic surgeon or specialist. Often clients will pay extra to stay and recover in the clinics or even in nearby hotels increasing the cost of their care and contributing to the financial loss of their negligent care or botched surgery.

Regrettably things might not always go how you expected they would and should you find yourself in this position then Clear Law can help. Complete our call back form and one of our cosmetic surgery experts will be able to contact you and support you with a claim for compensation. As many botched procedures will need corrective surgery, this compensation will help with the cost of putting it right.

What happens after the procedure?

After the procedure has taken place, you might have to wear a splint or support for around a week. Dressing packs may be placed in each of the nostrils for a day or two, to stop you from breathing through your nose, and you will have a lot of swelling and bruising around the nose for several weeks. There will be a very small scar on the column between your nostrils, however this will be barely noticeable. If there is any pain and discomfort then painkillers can be taken for this.

How much does Rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty can cost up to £4,000. Before going through with the surgery, you should have a thorough consultation with your surgeon; rhinoplasty isn’t something you should go through with if you are not totally certain that it is for you. The procedure will have a large impact on your facial appearance and some surgeons advise that this isn’t a procedure best left until later in life, saying it’s easier to get used to such a big change in appearance when you have had the problem for fewer years.

What Happens Next?

We can assist you in dealing with complaints, seeking answers or making a claim for you. We have a professional team dealing with plastic surgery treatments which have gone wrong or fallen below the standard you would expect, from all of types of breast enhancement surgery (including PIPs),tummy/stomach tucks, liposuction and rhinoplasty procedures to mention just a few.

Whatever your worry, we’ll help you and direct you through the entire legal process. Complete our claim form and we can start your claim today.

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