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Wrong Prescription Compensation

Have you been given an incorrect prescription?
Given Wrong Prescription Compensation
Given Wrong Prescription Compensation

Given the Wrong Prescription?

When we are ill, we trust our doctor to prescribe us the most appropriate medication and expect that this will not cause us any further harm. In the majority of cases this will always be the case however, unfortunately, incorrect prescriptions can be given, resulting in serious side effects and in very rare cases even death.

When receiving a prescription, it is vitally important to check that you have been given the correct medication. Look out for three key things:

  • Does your prescription match the medication given?
  • Are the contents correct and have you received the accompanying literature
  • Have you been given the correct dosage?

If there are any discrepancies, make sure you query these with your pharmacist.

How do incorrect prescriptions occur?

There are a number of ways in which patients are given the wrong prescription, for example:

The course of medication prescribed is too long

This is very dangerous as some medication can have serious side effects if taken for too long. This type of problem can occur when a patient is allowed to order repeat prescriptions without being examined by a doctor.

The incorrect medication is given

This can occur when medication which looks very similar to another is prescribed in error. Doctors must also check the patients’ medical notes to ensure that they are not prescribed a drug which they are allergic to, for example, or if a patient is taking two medicines that should not be taken together.

The patient is given a higher dosage than they require

Serious problems can occur if an incorrect dose of medication is given, for example, an adult will be given a higher dose than a child. Mistakes can also happen where the medication is available in a number of different doses and either the doctor or pharmacist misreads the prescription and supplies the incorrect dose to the patient.

If you have been caused harm through a medication prescribed to you in error, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. For more information, call us on 0800 122 3036 or see if you can make a claim, using our ‘can I claim’ test.

We have an experienced and professional team dealing with medical negligence claims and can assist you in dealing with complaints, seeking answers or making a claim. Complete a call back form and we’ll call you back free of charge and help you with your claim

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There are times that the medical procedures and care we receive may fall short of everything you expect to receive, and things can go drastically wrong, leaving you worse off and perhaps, severely injured. Watch our medical negligence videos for more information about making a medical claim.

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