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Last year the National Health Service paid out more than £1billion in damages for medical negligence. This was a record high amount and was in part fuelled by blunders during childbirth that have soared in recent years. Patient groups said that the figures illustrate the desperate need for improved safety within hospitals.

The amount paid out by the NHS for medical and clinical negligence cases has almost doubled since 2010, with a large proportion of the costs going to pay solicitors’ fees. Chief Executive of the charity Action against Medical Accidents; Peter Walsh, said the NHS was spending far too much on litigation because it was failing to improve its own safety record, and spending too much fighting cases that it should not defend. “Most of these costs would be avoided if the NHS investigated incidents better, recognised when they were at fault, and settled claims earlier.” Many of the most expensive claims involved babies who were left brain-damaged at birth for whom the payouts involve the costs of care for the rest of their life.

In some cases when things go wrong, a simple apology can resolve the situation. In other more serious cases, doctors and other medical professionals who fail in their duty of care can be disciplined, or even struck off from performing their duties. It is when mistakes are made and serious injuries or life-changing events occur that you might feel the need to take the compensation route, and that is when you need a team of experienced medical negligence solicitors to help you get the compensation you deserve; not only due to the intricate nature of negligence claims, but also because of the stout manner in which the NHS often seems to completely deny responsibility.

If you or someone you care for has been injured as a result of negligent medical treatment, we’re here to help. You can contact one of our highly experienced solicitors today, for free, with no obligation to continue with a case if you chose not to. We will swiftly be able to discuss the details of your case and establish whether or not you are eligible to make a claim. If you’re in any doubt, contact us and let us put your mind at rest. After all, if you’ve been injured and it was not your fault, why should you be the one to suffer?