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Otoplasty Gone Wrong

Have you suffered after a botched Otoplasty?
Compensation for Otoplasty Gone Wrong
Compensation for Otoplasty Gone Wrong

Otoplasty Surgery Gone Wrong

Otoplasty is cosmetic surgery of the ear, covering everything from reshaping and resizing of the outer ear to pinning protruding ears closer to the head.

Misshapen, big or very protruding ears can severely damage a person’s sef-confidence and otoplasty – in particular pinnaplasty, where ears are pinned back – is unusual in that it is a form of cosmetic surgery frequently performed on children, often before they reach school age, to try and prevent playground bullying in later life. People go for an Otoplasty for all sorts of different reasons. We tend to have high expectations of the final results we’d get, especially given the way that many clinics market themselves. When clients attend these clinics, they sometimes seem like five star accommodation rather than a hospital providing them the false impression that they’d receive quality care from their surgeon or clinician. Sometimes clients will pay extra to stay and recover in the clinics or even in close by resorts increasing the cost of their procedure and contributing to the financial loss of their negligent care or botched surgery. Unfortunately things might not always go how you hoped they would and should you find yourself in such a position then Clear Law are here to help. Complete our call back form and one of our cosmetic surgery lawyers will be able to call you back and help you with a claim for compensation. As many botched procedures require corrective surgery, this compensation will help with the cost of putting it right.

What happens after the procedure?

After going through with otoplasty, you will need to wear a bandage around your head for a week, up until any removable stitches are taken out. There could be some swelling and bruising but results should be immediately noticeable once the bandage has been removed. There will be a small amount of scarring from the procedure, but this will be hidden in the creases of the ear, so won’t be noticeable. Your surgeon will advise you on the best way to wash and dry your hair, as it is usually recommended that you avoid getting the hairdryer too close to the ear. You will also need to avoid contact sports for at least three months following surgery.

How much does Otoplasty cost?

Otoplasty can cost up to £3,000 however the procedure is sometimes available on the NHS. As previously mentioned, many children do undergo this procedure, so there is no age limit. It can also be used to rectify the infamous ‘cauliflower ear’ commonly suffered by rugby players and boxers, or congenital defects, for example ‘cagot ear’, where a person is born with no earlobes. As with all surgical procedures, you should have a full consultation with the operating surgeon prior to the surgery to detmine if this procedure is necessary and will have the desired results.

What Happens Next?

We can easily assist you in dealing with complaints, seeking answers or making a claim for compensation for you. We have a expert team dealing with cosmetic surgery treatments which have gone wrong or fallen below the standard you would expect, all kinds of breast enlargement surgery (including PIPs),tummy/stomach tucks, liposuction and rhinoplasty procedures to mention only a few. Whatever your concern, we’ll help you and guide you through the claims process. Complete our claim form and we can start your claim today.

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