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Britain’s National Health Service is, in some opinions, one of the country’s finest achievements; offering free-at-the-point-of-use healthcare, available to everyone, all the time, is an enviable asset for any country, even if it actually costs a lot more to run that one might think.

Critics would argue that suing the NHS is morally wrong; it can divert funds away from Trust budgets to meet the cost of insurance. On the other hand, however, if someone is injured and unable to work due to poor medical treatment that they have suffered, surely they have a right to be looked after.

Sometimes when things go wrong, the patient who has suffered a trivial issue might simply want an apology from the person or team who has made a mistake. Sometimes however this is not sufficient to remedy the mistake that has been made. If someone’s way of life has been permanently changed they may need help in all kinds of areas, depending on the type of injury or issue that has taken place.

For example, if someone has suffered life-changing injuries due to poor care in an NHS establishment, they might not be able to work again. They might need changes to be made to their living accommodation so that they can still live there, or they may need to move house to a more suitable situation. If these issues have been brought on by a mistake or poor care, they should not be left out of pocket trying to survive after someone else’s mistake. In some cases – depending on the severity of the issue, they might be left needing round-the-clock care for the rest of their lives.

It is never going to be comfortable suing a body that, at least on the surface, is purely there for the good of the people. Defence of the NHS is vital, but where issues and injuries take place it is important that the frameworks are in place not just to compensate, but to learn from mistakes made.

Our solicitors have years of experience in handling negligence cases against the NHS and as a result are in the best place to advise you as to the most appropriate course of action. Sometimes claiming for compensation is not the only way to take matters further, in other cases it is the only option left. Whatever your situation, contact our solicitors today and find out if we can help you get the result you want; whether that is compensation or just an apology, we can help.