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How much compensation for midwife negligence

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Birth Injury Claims

Becoming a mother or a father for the first time is an especially emotional time.  Expectant mothers would have prepared for months for the arrival of their first child as well as for the trauma of childbirth.  Therefore expectant mothers will put a lot of faith in their midwife to help them through childbirth and to provide them and their baby with the highest level of care.

However, there are times when mothers and fathers are let down by the negligent actions of their midwife.  These include prolonged labour, serious trauma to the mother and in some serious cases the death or debilitation of the baby.

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Claim for Midwife Negligence?

If you feel that you have a claim for compensation because of the negligent care you received at childbirth from your midwife then you should get in touch with use. Our clinical negligence solicitors will be able to help you with a claim for injuries including:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Still Birth/ Neonatal Death
  • Baby Hip Dysplasia
  • Birth Defects
  • Injuries to Mother in Child Birth

Making a Claim for Birth Injury Claims

The antenatal period is crucial for both the baby as well as the mother . This is often an anxious time. Serious problems thankfully are generally uncommon. Errors include failure to detect problems within the unborn fetus by screening tests or scans; failure to carry out adequate monitoring of you and the baby during labour; failure to carry out an emergency delivery or caesarean section; surgical instruments or swabs may inadvertently be left inside the body; or forced trauma to the baby resulting in life long disabilities. We understand the complexities and sensitivity of these situations and can help you with a claim for childbirth compensation.

Can I Make a Claim?

We are able to assist you in dealing with complaints, seeking answers or making a claim for you. We have a professional team dealing with birth and maternity claims.

Whatever your claim or worry, we will help you and guide you through the entire claims process. Complete our claim form and we can start your claim today.

Claiming For Clinical Negligence 

Medical Negligence Claim

There are times that the medical procedures and care we receive may fall short of everything you expect to receive, and things can go drastically wrong, leaving you worse off and perhaps, severely injured. Watch our medical negligence videos for more information about making a medical claim.

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