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The last episode in this series of Botched up Bodies aired on Channel 5 last night (23rd January).

The documentary, which explores cases of cosmetic surgery with serious adverse consequences, has profiled a number of procedures during the series, highlighting the dangers of weight loss surgery, dental procedures and dermal fillers.

The cosmetic surgery industry continues to increase in value and is expected to be worth over £3bn by 2015. Whereas procedures have previously been favoured predominantly by women; more and more men are now making the decision to go under the knife.

When complications arise however, they can be extremely serious. If the problems have been caused by the negligence of the operating surgeon, this then becomes a legal issue.

If you are considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, make sure you do your research and really take the time to think about the procedure and that it is what you really want. If you have suffered as a result of cosmetic surgery, you can request a call from our cosmetic surgery solicitors here.