Pressure Sores Are
a Sign of Neglect

Over £13million has been paid in compensation in the last 3 years to patients suffering from pressure sores. Download our guide to Pressure Sores or request a free call back to discuss a compensation for medical neglect.

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FREE Guide to Pressure Sores

FREE Guide to Pressure Sores

This guide has been compiled by Mercury Legal’s clinical negligence team and has been written to help those loved ones whose family or friends have developed pressure sores whilst in hospital or in care.

Who's at Risk

This guide looks at who's most at risk, particularly the elderly whilst in care or in hospital.

Symptoms & Treatments

How pressure sores affect different parts of the body and the ways different grades of sores are treated.

Diagnosing Pressure Sore

How pressure sores are diagnosed including how they are graded and treated.

Actions You Can Take

An average of £32,000 was paid out to 142 people in 2014. See if your loved one has a claim for compensation for negligent care. Request a free, no obligation call from our claims team about making a claim for compensation.

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